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  • Sophie Harpley

A Modernist Vision: Isokon

Today I felt very lucky to live nearby to the time-capsule of modernist history that is the Isokon building. This iconic piece of architecture is a block of flats built on a socialist vision in 1934 to propose a new way of living. The building, which had it's own bar, soon became a hub for intrepid designers and even spies during the war. Set in the heart of Hampstead during it's artistic heyday, there was never a dull moment.

Some very iconic and game-changing furniture was designed for this building and it's connections with the Bauhaus. The story is best told through the exhibition which is perfectly perched near Hampstead Heath. You can also peak in at 2 Willow Road and make a modernist day of it. But if you can't make it, the Isokon films are an interesting watch for fans of modernist architecture and design:

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