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  • Sophie Harpley

Iris Apfel: a joyful film

Iris Apfel is not easily put into words. She is 90 years old in the film 'Iris' - a documentary snapshot of her life - and her energy is palpable and contagious even then. Whether you're a fashionista or not, you can't help but fall for Iris' attitude to life alone. But if you do also have an eye for style, you're going to fall over yourself. Iris Apfel's home and wardrobe are as abundant as her personality.

Iris freely gives her fantastically frank opinions throughout, on everything from how to accessorise, ageing, education and the meaning of real beauty. It is entirely unsurprising her marriage to Karl has lasted many decades and it's a teary moment when he turns 100 in the film!

Also testament to her joie de vivre is her entirely self-made colourful career. Iris' passion for design, travel, history and style have lead her on a rollercoaster through the fashion and interior design working worlds. Her magpie-eye for unusual, eccentric and impactful items has lead to her building a collection of furnishings and clothing that are now coveted by major museums and galleries.

The film 'Iris' really is worth a watch for pure joyous escapism and wise words from the cheeriest soul you ever clapped eyes on.

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