Curated maximalism

When I first graduated I thought I might be an interior design journalist. My career took many more twists and turns from there but I still absolutely love interiors, hunting for homewares and filling my home with colour and pattern. Since we moved house earlier this year, all those passions have been reignited. So I thought I'd share a little about my style with you here and some of the things that inspire me. (More on my background in design here and more on our home evolution here).

I love homes that are colourful, cosy and lived-in. Give me layers! Give me pattern clash. Give me tactility. I'm all for eclectic. I'm also a bit of a hoarder! I love fabrics, books, antiques and other curios. It's so interesting to be surrounded by the things you've found on travels or markets or perhaps inherited form loved ones. These objects are so full of personal stories. But if you collect a lot then there's also the risk that home becomes museum. In my opinion that's where colourful, modern touches step in to freshen things up and keep a home feeling alive. To me, home is a kind of living artwork. It evolves, just like it's inhabitants.

But, despite a love of all those layers, I do know when to stop. I'm not an all out maximalist at all. In fact I'm with Chanel who said something about always removing one accessory before you go out! A home is the same, if you have a lot of stuff, you'll need to curate a little bit to let the nice things shine. So I'll call myself a 'curated maximalist'.

In no special order here are some homes (and designers) I love...

*I don't know the photographers for all of these images but the homes of Luke Edward Hall and Cath Kidston were snapped by the wonderful Bible of British Taste. It could also be noted my taste is pretty British! Except for Anna Spiro, all of the designers below are in the UK.

** I''m secretly hoping to coin the term 'Curated Maximalism'. I've just always wanted to coin a term!

Cath Kidston

Matilda Goad

Lonika Chande

Luke Edward Hall

Michelle Kelly

Ben Pentreath

Polly Fern

Anna Spiro