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Made in Britain

Sophie Harpley designs are produced by British makers, mills and printers – and have been since her first collection in 2012. Being British-made helps us stay sustainable while achieving natural, beautiful and lasting designs to be cherished as future heirlooms in the home.


Britain has a rich history of manufacturing textiles, ceramics and paper goods as well as in printing. But that hub of British industry is ebbing away and many skills that took generations to develop are being forgotten. It is a pleasure and privilege for Sophie to seek out the craftspeople that continue to make both traditionally and ethically in the UK - often family run firms, now pioneering sustainable processes too.


The heritage of craft and innovation in Britain has always been an inspiration to Sophie’s creative work and it feels natural that as a brand we honour that history too.

Sustainably made


Manufacturing close to home helps us stay sustainable in a number of ways. With just a quick call or train ride between us and our makers, our products are brought to life with very little lost in translation (or the post!). There are seldom mistakes or waste and our carbon footprint stays low. We build strong supplier relationships based on shared values of fair and environmentally conscious production. Sophie aims to make every product as sustainably as possible in both its materials and processes.



All our fabrics are natural, being made from linen and cotton which are by nature biodegradable. We aim to use unbleached fabrics (hence their nice creamy natural colour) and many have a GOTS organic certification too. Sophie’s fabrics are woven and printed in Britain using sophisticated digital dyes which waste far less water than other methods. The prints are absorbed deeply into the fibres of the cloth and are highly resistant to fading. The rich colours of Sophie's original artwork remain authentic and our fabrics will last and last, as future heirlooms. Our cloth and sewn items are made by skilled artisans in Glasgow, Lincolnshire and Wiltshire.



Sophie's wallpapers are made by one of the few remaining traditional printers in the world, based in Lancashire, established in 1838 and still run by the same family. Whilst steeped in history, this factory are also leading the way in sustainable manufacture, using FSC papers and toxin-fee inks to create our beautiful soft, matt wallpapers.  

Stationery & packaging

All card and paper used are always either FSC certified or recycled. All our postal packaging is both recycled and recyclable. Any bubble wrap used has been repurposed from items sent to us. Even our parcel tape, labels and tissue paper are sourced in the UK and sustainably made.

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