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Artist collaboration with baby brand Nina London

I was over the moon when baby brand Nina got in touch to ask if I'd paint a pattern for one of their artists muslins. Known for combining the most beautiful designs with gorgeous quality cloth, Nina is the perfect place to find heirloom gifts for newborns.

As a new mum myself, I had spent the solitude of pregnancy on lockdown painting flowers (of course! It's sort of my raison d'etre). I was reading 'The Language of Flowers' and you may know this turned into a whole card collection. Nina loved the Irises design which symbolises hope - a lovely message to give any new baby or parent! I adapted the print to suit their generous one-metre-squared muslin size and added a playful yellow wave border. The result is a really uplifting and original piece worthy of cherishing for years to come - I might even frame one!

It was such a joy to work with Emily and Oli, founders of Nina and we hope you love the design too.

The new collection is available at and my readers receive a special introduction offer -

10% off using the code: FRIENDSWITHTHEARTIST10


Sophie x Nina

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