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Wallpaper calculator

Starting your wallpapering project with accurate measurements, is crucial for a flawless wallpaper installation.

But knowing where to begin can be tricky; What measurements do I need? What width is the wallpaper? How many drops are in a roll of wallpaper? How many rolls of wallpaper will I need? We get asked all these questions a lot, so you've come to the right place! Let's uncover the tricks of measuring for wallpaper like a pro...

How to measure for wallpaper

Accuracy is key when measuring the walls where you want to hang beautiful wallpaper. We recommend using a metal tape measure to take your measurements, and to have a pen and paper handy for any calculations. It’s all in the preparation!

To determine the perfect amount of wallpaper needed, start by measuring the height of each wall, including any baseboards or crown molding. Measure from the floor to the ceiling to get the full stretch. Make sure to note this measurement down on your handy piece of paper, in metres.

Secondly, measure the length of each wall, including any doors or windows, in metres. Then, divide this measurement by the width of the wallpaper you are buying. For instance, each Sophie Harpley wallpaper has a width of 52cm. Note this all down. This calculation will then give you the number of widths required.

To calculate the precise number of rolls needed to complete your project flawlessly, first take your measurement of the height of the room in meters. Then, multiply this measurement by the number of widths required. Finally, divide that number by the length of the roll, which in our case is 10m. Now you have the number of rolls needed. Make sure to write this down on your trusty piece of paper!

Remember, we strongly recommend adding an additional 20% to your estimated amount, as you or your decorator may need to trim off sections to match the pattern or fit the architecture. Et voila! You now have the information you need for the number of rolls needed to complete your project! With these calculations, you can begin your wallpapering project with confidence, knowing that you have the perfect amount of wallpaper to transform your space.

Tips for buying wallpaper 1. Buy more than you think you need

As we've already discussed, we advise adding an extra 20% to your estimated wallpaper quantity. There's nothing worse than getting halfway through a project and realising that you're short on wallpaper. You'll find that you'll need more than you think to cut around features like windows, doors, and fireplaces.

2. Order samples -

Ordering samples is the best way to try before you buy. Make sure to hang your wallpaper swatches within the space that you are planning on decorating before purchasing, to make sure that you are entirely happy.

3. Buy from the same batch number -

Try to buy wallpaper from the same batch number, contact us if you're unsure. Different batches can have slight variations in colour. However this is far less an issue than it once was, with modern print methods being highly accurate.

Now there's just one thing left to master... find all the secrets to hanging your wallpaper in our next story...

How to hang your wallpaper

(It's easier than you think).

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