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Now available on Glassette

Geraniums wallpaper by Sophie Harpley on Glassette
Sophie Harpley joins Glassette

I am really proud to announce that you can now find my homewares on Glassette ~ the destination for independent UK homeware brands founded by Laura Jackson and Dan Crow, not far from me in East London.

I feel very passionately that the world would be a better place if we all 'shopped small' a bit more. Independent makers tend to offer more originality, quality and are able to keep their promises around ethics and sustainability.

But the thing is, these quirky brands are harder to find. So I think it's absolutely wonderful that the UK now has a super curated one-stop shop like Glassette - bringing together all the most beautiful, unusual and often handmade pieces available.

Founded in 2021, Glassette has a bright future ahead and I'm really happy to partner with them and join in the journey.

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